It is a component for setting the behavior of the AgentController when passing through the manually placed OffMeshLink.

Please use it when you switch to the dedicated motion and let it pass in the place where NavMesh is not connected.
For example, it can be used for crouching and passing through places where the ceiling is low and NavMesh is not connected.

How to create

Inspector window “Add Component” button

  • Select the GameObject you want to add.
  • Click the “Add Component” button in the Inspector.
  • From the Component selection window, select “Arbor > Navigation > OffMeshLinkSettings”.

Must be added to the same GameObject as the OffMeshLink component.
If the added GameObject does not have OffMeshLink, it will be added automatically.

Setting method

Set the Animator parameter when passing and the waiting method when switching movement.

See Traverse Data for more information.