It is a component to notify the event called from AnimationEvent to another method.
It is mainly used from Traverse Wait Data.

How to create

Inspector window “Add Component” button

  • Select the GameObject you want to add.
  • Click the “Add Component” button in the Inspector.
  • From the Component selection window, select “Arbor > AnimationTriggerEventReceiver”.

Must be added to the same GameObject as the Animator and Animation components.

Setting method

  • Click the + button in the OnTrigger list
  • Select the object for which you want to receive a callback.
  • Select the method you want to call.
    To receive the AnimationEvent string, you need to select from the Dynamic string pane.

For more information on UnityEvents, see Unity - Manual: UnityEvents.

Call settings from AnimationEvent

This section describes how to set it when a model such as FBX contains animation.

  • Select a model
  • Select the Animation tab
  • Select the relevant animation
  • Open the Events fold
  • Move to the timing to call the playhead in the preview pane
  • Click the Add Event. button
  • Set TriggerEvent in the Function field
  • Set the trigger name to call in the String field
  • Click the Apply button

For more information on AnimationEvent, see Unity - Manual: Events.
For information on how to edit AnimationClip events that are not included in the model, see Unity - Manual: Using Animation Events.