Access to parameters

Create Access Node

You can create access nodes by dragging and dropping parameters into the graph view.

  • Drag the parameter's drag area.
  • Drop at the position you want to create in the graph view.
  • From the menu, select Get or Set.
    (For Set node, execution nodes of various graphs are created. Please connect so that it will be executed after creation.)

Access by ParameterReference

In scripts with ParameterReference related classes, you can set parameters that handle values.

Setting by ParameterReference field

  • Set ParameterContainer with the parameter you want to refer to.
  • Set parameters from drop down.

Input from data slot

The Container field also supports input from data slots.

  • Create nodes that output ParameterContainer type data in advance.
  • Click SelectTypeIcon button in the Container field.
  • Select “DataSlot”.
  • Connect data input slot.
  • The parameter name to be referred to in the Parameter field is set as a string.
  • (Depending on the behaviour, you also need to set the type of Parameter)

For data slots, refer to Data Flow.

Drag and drop parameters

  • Drag the drag area of the parameter you want to set.
  • Drop to the ParameterReference you want to reference.

Create a script that references parameters

You can refer to parameters from your own script.

For details, see Scripting : Parameter Reference.