About "Arbor 3: FSM & BT Graph Editor"

  • I want to make games using finite state machines and behavior trees!
  • However, I want to code my behavior that depends on game logic!
  • A graph editing window of a finite state machine and a behavior tree that can be used at such time,
    It is a simple graph editor asset that allows you to write scripts according to the behavior you want to create.

What is finite state machine (FSM)?

  • The finite state machine, and behavior in a certain state, it is a mechanism for transition from the state to another.
  • For example, switches and lights.
    • The switch and the lamp there is a state of ON and OFF, will also be ON lamp if the ON switch.
    • Switch is switched to ON If you press, is the behavior to switch to OFF and press again.
    • Electric light will be the behavior to put the lights if ON.

For details, please refer to “State machine".

What is a Behaviour Tree (BT)?

  • It is a tree structure of behaviors that makes it possible to handle the priority of action and the condition for doing actions as a set.
  • For example, consider enemy AI.
    • The behavior approaching the player is done if the distance to the player is short.
    • In other cases, it will cycle around a fixed route.
    • Behaviors approaching players can be said to have a higher priority than behaviors traveling on certain routes.

For details, see Behaviour Tree.