Updating to Arbor 3.6

When updating from Arbor 3.5.x or earlier to 3.6.0 or later, a compile error may occur.

Check and correct the following items.

FlexibleField handling scene objects

I changed to FlexibleSceneObjectType where I used FlexibleType.

Make sure that the following code is written in your script, and correct it.

//flexible.type == FlexibleType.Constant          // Error
flexible.type == FlexibleSceneObjectType.Constant // Fix this way.

Applicable FlexibleField class

  • FlexibleGameObject
  • FlexibleComponent
  • FlexibleTransform
  • FlexibleRectTransform
  • FlexibleRigidbody
  • FlexibleRigidbody2D

asmdef file name

Fixed a typo in the Arbor.BuiltInBehaviours.asmdef file name.

  • If you have defined your own asmdef that references Arbor.BuiltInBehaviours.asmdef, modify the name to Arbor.BuiltInBehaviours.
    (If Use GUIDs is enabled in Unity 2019.1 or later, this is not necessary because it is not a reference by name)

Also, along with this correction, you may receive an error that the asmdef can not be found only once immediately after the update, but there is no problem in operation.