Updating to Arbor 3.8

When updating from Arbor 3.7.x or earlier to 3.8.0 or later, a compile error may occur.

Check and correct the following items.

Raised the minimum Unity version to 2018.4.0f1

The Unity working version of Arbor has been raised to Unity2018.4.0f1.
If you want to use Arbor 3.8.0 or later for Unity2017 or earlier projects, you will also need to update Unity.

Default value for TransitionTiming

The default value for TransitionTiming has been changed from LateUpdateDontOverwrite to NextUpdateDontOverwrite.
NextUpdateDontOverwrite will cause the transition to occur at the next frame's Update() (or ignore it if it has already been reserved in the same state).
Please switch to other TransitionTiming if necessary.

For details, see TransitionTiming.

Change the default editor extension

The default editor extension used for scripts that inherit from NodeBehaviour has been changed.
If you are using assets such as the Inspector extension, please add “ARBOR_DISABLE_DEFAULT_EDITOR” to the Scripting Define Symbols.

For details, see Scripting Define Symbols.

Obsolete DataSlotField class

The DataSlotField class is no longer used and each member has been ported to a DataSlot.
If you are accessing via DataSlotField from a user script, you will get a warning message, so please change to access via DataSlot.

Renamed AgentPatrol to AgentMoveToRandomPosition

Renamed AgentPatrol in the built-in StateBehaviour and ActionBehaviour to AgentMoveToRandomPosition.
This will work fine for the parts that are already in use, but please note that the new name will be used when adding new behavior.

Also, the Patrol method of the AgentController class has been renamed to MoveToRandomPosition.
If you are accessing this method from a script, a warning message will be displayed, so please change it to use MoveToRandomPosition.