Scripting Define Symbols

The following is a list of features that can be enabled/disabled by adding them to Scripting Define Symbols in Player Settings.


Enables the OnMouse related callback methods when building on mobile devices.
You must specify this symbol when using the following built-in scripts on mobile devices.


The document comments in Arbor will be converted to Japanese.
Specify this option if you want the document comments displayed in the IDE to be written in Japanese.


Enables profiling of each callback method of Arbor.
Specify this if you want to check the load of OnStateUpdate, etc.


Disables the Arbor default editor extension for scripts that inherit from NodeBehaviour.
This will only affect scripts that inherit from NodeBehaviour but do not have their own editor extension defined directly for them.
Specify this when necessary, such as when using Inspector extension assets.

Note that if you specify this symbol and use other assets, the editor part of NodeBehaviour will depend on the other assets.
If you encounter any problems, please try to isolate the problem and contact the asset that is causing the problem.


Disables the check process for the existence of parameters when accessing Animator parameters. If you build with Development Build turned off in Build Settings, it is disabled from the beginning. If you cannot ignore the load of parameter existence check on Unity Editor or while checking with the build player with Development Build turned on, specify it as necessary.