GlobalParameterContainer is a component to use when there are parameters that you want to keep even if you change the scene.

Addition of GlobalParameterContainer

+ button in Hierarchy window

  • Click the + button in the Hierarchy window or right click in the window
  • Select “Arbor > GlobalParameterContainer”
  • A GameObject with GlobalParameterContainer is created.

Inspector window “Add Component” button

  • Select the GameObject you want to add GlobalParameterContainer in the Hierarchy window
  • Click the “Add Component” button in the Inspector window
  • Select “Arbor > GlobalParameterContainer”
  • GlobalParameterContainer is added to GameObject.

Setting GlobalParameterContainer

  • ParameterContainer with parameters to be shared between scenes is created in advance and Prefabized.
  • Select GameObject to which GlobalParameterContainer is added.
    Specify Prefab of ParameterContainer created in Prefab of Inspector.

Reference parameters via GlobalParameterContainer

By specifying GlobalParameterContainer in the Container field of ParameterReference, parameters can be referred.