Data flow

This section describes how to input/output data flow from script.

  • Output slot
    Data can be output by declaring an output slot such as OutpotSlotInt.
  • Input slot
    Data can be output by declaring an input slot such as InputSlotInt.
  • FlexibleField
    FlexibleField is useful for not only input slots but also constant values and parameters.
  • Type constraints of slots
    For some slots, you can use attributes to constrain the connectable types.
  • DataLink attribute
    By using DataLink attribute, input from constant or data flow can be accepted even if there is no corresponding type InputSlot or FlexibleField.
  • Performance
    Describes the performance when using data flow.


Create data slot

You can also create a data slot of your own class.

For details, refer to “Scripting : Data Slot”.

Scripting : Data Slot


If you also create a parameter, you can create it easily using Variable Generator.

For details, see Scripting : Variable.

Calculator node

You can also create scripts to use for calculator nodes.

For details, see Scripting : Calculator.