Common usage of graph

Basic operation method

Operation Windows Mac
Scroll Mouse middle button drag Mouse middle button drag
Alt + Mouse left button drag option ⌥ + Mouse button drag
Operation with scroll bar Operation with scroll bar
Wheel scroll
(Switch by setting)
Wheel scroll
(Switch by setting)
Horizontal scroll Shift + Wheel scroll shift ⇧ + Wheel scroll
Zoom out Wheel scroll
(Switch by setting)
Wheel scroll
(Switch by setting)
Alt + Mouse right button drag option ⌥ + control ⌃ + Mouse button drag
Wheel scroll behavior reversal Ctrl + Wheel scroll command ⌘ + Wheel scroll
Rectangle selection of nodes Mouse left button drag Mouse button drag
Additional mode
Shift + Mouse left button drag shift ⇧ + Mouse button drag
Exclusion mode
Ctrl + Mouse left button drag command ⌘ + Mouse button drag
Move node Mouse left button drag on node Mouse button drag on node
Resize note Mouse left button drag edge of node Mouse button drag edge of node
Context menu Mouse right button click control ⌃ + Mouse button click

For details on how to create nodes etc. please refer to the manual of each graph.

Shortcut key

Operation Windows Mac
Copy node Ctrl + C key command ⌘ + C key
Cut node Ctrl + X key command ⌘ + X key
Paste node Ctrl + V key command ⌘ + V key
Duplicate node Ctrl + D key command ⌘ + D key
Delete node Delete key Delete key
Scroll to position of selected node F key F key
Select all nodes Ctrl + A key command ⌘ + A key

The name change of node

  • Double click on the header part at the top of the inside of the node frame, select “Rename” from right click or setting icon.
    Enter in the displayed text box.

Delete Node

  • Click to select nodes.
  • Right-click on an empty area and select “Delete”, or press the Delete key.

Open the Behaviour manual

For built-in scripts and scripts with BehaviorHelp attribute, the help icon to open the manual is displayed.

  • Click the help icon next to the title bar of various behaviors

Scripting : BehaviourHelp