Updating to Arbor 3.7

When updating from Arbor 3.6.x or earlier to 3.7.0 or later, a compile error may occur.

Check and correct the following items.

Member change of IInputSlot

Deleted “Input” in the method name.

Old member name New member name
SetInputBranch SetBranch
RemoveInputBranch RemoveBranch
GetInputBranch GetBranch
IsConnectedInput IsConnected

Member change of IOutputSlot

Deleted “Output” in the method name.

Old member name New member name
AddOutputBranch AddBranch
RemoveOutputBranch RemoveBranch
GetOutputBranch GetBranch
IsConnectedOutput IsConnected

Change method to property.

Old member New member
GetOutputBranchCount method branchCount property

Member change of RerouteSlot

Changed some members to Obsolete.

Obsolete memer Alternate member
SetInputBranch(branch) inputSlot.SetBranch(branch)
RemoveInputBranch(branch) inputSlot.RemoveBranch(branch)
GetInputBranch() inputSlot.GetBranch()
IsConnectedInput(branch) inputSlot.IsConnected(branch)
AddOutputBranch(branch) outputSlot.AddBranch(branch)
RemoveOutputBranch(branch) outputSlot.RemoveBranch(branch)
GetOutputBranchCount() outputSlot.branchCount
GetOutputBranch(index) outputSlot.GetBranch(index)
IsConnectedOutput(branch) outputSlot.IsConnected(branch)

Member change of Parameter

Changed some members to Obsolete.

Obsolete member Alternate member
GetVariable<TVariable>(ref TVariable value) GetVariable<TVariable>(TVariable defaultValue)
TryGetVariable<TVariable>(out TVariable)