Add ParameterContainer component

ParameterContainer component is required to handle parameters.

There are the following methods for adding ParameterContainer components.

+ button in Hierarchy window

  • Click the + button in the Hierarchy window or right click in the window
  • Select “Arbor > ParameterContainer”
  • A GameObject with ParameterContainer is created.

Inspector window “Add Component” button

  • Select the GameObject you want to add ParameterContainer in the Hierarchy window
  • Click the “Add Component” button in the Inspector window
  • Select “Arbor > ParameterContainer”
  • ParameterContainer is added to GameObject.

Parameter Container associated with the graph

  • Open the Parameters tab and click the “Create” button.


  • Open the Parameters tab and click the gear icon on the toolbar.
  • Select “Remove Component” from the menu.