Use with PackageManager

Describes how to use Arbor from PackageManager.

Installation procedure

  1. Copy Assets/Plugins/Arbor folder to any folder
    (Here, the placed Arbor folder called the Arbor package folder)

  2. Register in PackageManager. There are the following ways to register.

    • Registration in PackageManager window
      1. Open PackageManager window and select “Add package from disk …” from + button.
      2. Select package.json in the Arbor package folder.
    • Direct change of manifest.json
      1. Open {project folder}/Packages/manifest.json in code editor
      2. Add “com.caitsithware.arbor” to “dependencies” as below
  "dependencies": {
    "{Other package}" : "{Other package}",
    "com.caitsithware.arbor": "file:{Arbor package folder path}"
  • When updating, delete the Arbor package folder once and relocate the latest Arbor folder, or arrange the Arbor package folder separately for each version.


  • If unintended behavior or exceptions occur in ArborEditor immediately after installation, please reopen the project once.

  • If you change the location of Arbor package folder after registering to PackageManager, it is necessary to redo “Installation procedure 2.”

  • About version control

    • If you register from PackageManager window, please note that the absolute path is written to manifest.json.
      Place the Arbor package folder in repository management, and set its relative path in manifest.json.
    • PackageManager also supports git, but the act of publishing this asset to a public git server is a violation of the EULA.
      If you want to create a repository for packages on git, set the repository to private and ask for access using features such as personal access tokens.
  • For more information about PackageManager, refer to Unity Manual: PackageManager.