Component Reference

Here is a reference built-in Component of Arbor.


Class Name Description
AnimationTriggerEventReceiver A component for notifying another method of an event called from AnimationEvent
ArborFSM Core part of StateMachine.
Is used by attaching to GameObject.
BehaviourTree Core part of BehaviourTree.
Is used by attaching to GameObject.
GlobalParameterContainer Class dealing with the accessible ParameterContainer even across the scene.
ParameterContainer ParameterContainer。
Is used by attaching to GameObject.
Class Name Description
AgentController AI for the movement component that wraps theNavMeshAgent.
Used mainly through built-in Behavior's Agent.
MovingEntityCharacterController MovingEntity moved by CharacterController
MovingEntityNavMeshAgent MovingEntity moved by NavMeshAgent
MovingEntityRigidbody MovingEntity moved by Rigidbody
MovingEntityTransform MovingEntity moved by Transform
OffMeshLinkSettings Set the method for the AgentController to traverseOffMeshLink(orNavMeshLink).
Waypoint Components for setting routes