Class Name Description
RaycastHit.BarycentricCoordinate The barycentric coordinate of the triangle we hit.
RaycastHit.Collider The Collider that was hit.
RaycastHit.Distance The distance from the ray's origin to the impact point.
RaycastHit.LightmapCoord The uv lightmap coordinate at the impact point.
RaycastHit.Normal The normal of the surface the ray hit.
RaycastHit.Point The impact point in world space where the ray hit the collider.
RaycastHit.Rigidbody The Rigidbody of the collider that was hit.
RaycastHit.TextureCoord The uv texture coordinate at the collision location.
RaycastHit.TextureCoord2 The secondary uv texture coordinate at the impact point.
RaycastHit.Transform The Transform of the rigidbody or collider that was hit.
RaycastHit.TriangleIndex The index of the triangle that was hit.