Class Name Description
Rigidbody2D.AngularDrag The angular drag of the object.
Rigidbody2D.AngularVelocity The angular velocity of the Rigidbody2D measured in radians per second.
Rigidbody2D.CenterOfMass The center of mass relative to the transform's origin.
Rigidbody2D.Drag The drag of the object.
Rigidbody2D.Get Gets the Rigidbody2D attached to GameObject.
Rigidbody2D.GetPoint Get a local space point given the point Point in rigidBody global space.
Rigidbody2D.GetPointVelocity The velocity of the Rigidbody2D at the point Point in global space.
Rigidbody2D.GetRelativePoint Get a global space point given the point relativePoint in rigidBody local space.
Rigidbody2D.GetRelativePointVelocity Get a global space point given the point RelativePoint in rigidBody local space.
Rigidbody2D.GetRelativeVector Get a global space vector given the vector RelativeVector in rigidBody local space.
Rigidbody2D.GetVector Get a local space vector given the vector Vector in rigidBody global space.
Rigidbody2D.GravityScale The degree to which this object is affected by gravity.
Rigidbody2D.Inertia The rigidBody rotational inertia.
Rigidbody2D.Mass Mass of the rigidbody.
Rigidbody2D.Position The position of the rigidbody.
Rigidbody2D.Rotation The rotation of the rigidbody.
Rigidbody2D.Velocity Linear velocity of the rigidbody.
Rigidbody2D.WorldCenterOfMass Gets the center of mass of the rigidBody in global space.