Class Name Description
String.Compare Compare String.
String.Concat Concatenate strings.
String.Contains Returns whether the string contains.
String.EndsWith Returns whether the end of the string matches.
String.IndexOf Returns the index where the string was first found.
String.Insert Insert a string.
String.IsNullOrEmpty Returns whether the string is null or empty.
String.Join Concatenate strings. using the specified separator between each element.
String.LastIndexOf Returns the index where the string was last found.
String.Length Returns the length of the string.
String.Remove Remove a part from the string.
String.Replace Replaces the specified string with another string.
String.StartsWith Returns whether the beginning of the string matches.
String.Substring Extract a part from the string.
String.ToLower Converts the string to lowercase and returns it.
String.ToUpper Converts the string to uppercase and returns it.
ToString Convert the value to a string.