Wander the Agent



Property Name Description
Agent Controller AgentController you want to control.
Finish Flags Finish flag
On Done
Finish the action when the Agent completes the move.
On Cant Move
Finish the action when the Agent cannot move.
Return Success On Cant Move
Returns the action as successful when the Agent could not be moved. If this flag is not set, it will be returned as a failure.
Stop On End Whether to stop at the end of the action
Clear Velocity On Stop Whether to clear velocity when stopped.
Update Type Agent update type.
Update by time designation.
Update when done。
Start Only
Update only at start
Always updated
Time Type Interval time type.
Use time of current frame considering timeScale.
Use time of current frame without considering timeScale.
Use realtime.
Fixed Time
Use the latest FixedUpdate start time considering the timeScale.
Fixed Unscaled Time
Use the latest FixedUpdate start time without considering timeScale.
Interval Interval (seconds) before moving destination is changed. (Used only when UpdateType is Time, Done)
The interval after arrival for AgentUpdateType.Done.
Speed Speed to move
Radius The wandering radius.
Distance The wandering distance.
Jitter The maximum value of random displacement that determines the destination.
Stopping Distance Distance to stop


The destination of the wandering is the point on the Radius circle centered on the agent's forward distance
Where on the circle is randomly displaced by Jitter.