Class Name Description
RaycastHit2D.Centroid The centroid of the primitive used to perform the cast.
RaycastHit2D.Collider The Collider2D that was hit.
RaycastHit2D.Distance The distance from the ray's origin to the impact point.
RaycastHit2D.Fraction Fraction of the distance along the ray that the hit occurred.
RaycastHit2D.Normal The normal vector of the surface hit by the ray.
RaycastHit2D.Point The impact point in world space where the ray hit the collider.
RaycastHit2D.Rigidbody The Rigidbody2D of the Collider2D that was hit.
RaycastHit2D.Transform The Transform of the Rigidbody2D or Collider2D that was hit.