Class in Arbor / Inherits from: Node
Implements interfaces: INodeBehaviourContainer


Class that represents the state


Property Name Description
behaviourCount Get a count of Behavior.
behaviours Deprecated. Use behaviourCount and GetBehaviourFromIndex.
breakPoint Break point.When this property is true, the editor is in a pause state at the timing of entering the state.
isActive Returns true if it is active.
resident Gets a value indicating whether this State is resident.
stateID Gets the state identifier.
stateMachine Gets the state machine.
transitionCount Transition count.


Event Name Description
onChangedTransitionCount Called when transitionCount changes


Method Name Description
AddBehaviour Adds the behaviour.
Contains Whether StateBehaviour are included.
DestroyBehaviour Destroy StateBehaviour
DestroyBehaviourAt Destroy StateBehaviour
DestroyBehaviours For internal.
DisconnectState For internal.
GetBehaviour Gets the behaviour.
GetBehaviourFromIndex Get StateBehavior from index.
GetBehaviourObjectFromIndex Get Object of StateBehavior from index.
GetBehaviours Gets the behaviours.
IndexOfBehaviour Return index of StateBehaviour.
InsertBehaviour Insert the behaviour.
IsContainsBehaviour Check if it contains NodeBehaviour.
MoveBehaviour Move the order of StateBehaviour.
RemoveBehaviour I want to remove the StateBehaviour. For instance is not deleted, that you use the StateBehaviour.Destroy().
RemoveBehaviourAt I want to remove the StateBehaviour. For instance is not deleted, that you use the StateBehaviour.Destroy().
SendTrigger Send a trigger message.StateBehaviour.OnStateTrigger(string) is called.
SetBehaviour Set StateBehaviour.
SwapBehaviour Swap the order of StateBehaviour.

Inherited Members


Field Name Description
nodeComment Comment
position Position on the Arbor Editor.
showComment Whether to display comments


Property Name Description
name Node name.
nodeGraph Gets the NodeGraph.
nodeID Gets the node identifier.


Method Name Description
GetName Get node name.
GetOldName Get the node name before Arbor 3.9.0.
IsDeletable Returns whether or not it can be deleted.
OnAfterDeserialize Called from ISerializationCallbackReceiver.OnAfterDeserialize.
OnBeforeSerialize Called from ISerializationCallbackReceiver.OnBeforeSerialize.
ToString Convert node to string (for debugging).

Static Fields

Field Name Description
defaultWidth Default width of node