Class in Arbor.ValueFlow / Inherits from: object


A class that mediates access between the IList instance and IValueSetter and IValueGetter.


Method Name Description
AddElement Add an container.
AddRange Add a range of lists.
Clear Remove all elements.
Contains Check if the value retrieved from IValueGetter is contained in the IList.
EqualsList Determine if IList are equal.
GetElement Set the value of the element to IValueSetter.
GetElementString Gets the string of element values.
IndexOf Find the index where the value obtained from IValueGetter is located.
InsertElement Insert an container.
LastIndexOf Find the index with the value retrieved from IValueGetter from the end of the list.
NewArray Create a array instance.
NewList Create a List instance.
RemoveAtIndex Remove an element.
RemoveElement Remove an container.
SetElement Set the container.
ToArray Convert to array.
ToList Convert to List{T}.

Static Methods

Method Name Description
GetElementType Get the type of an element that is common to IList and IValueGetter.