Class in Arbor / Inherits from: UnityEngine.MonoBehaviour
Implements interfaces: IPoolCallbackReceiver


Base class of node graph.


Field Name Description
debugInfiniteLoopSettings Debug setting of infinite loop
playOnStart Flag to be played at the start.
updateSettings Settings related to updating.


Property Name Description
calculatorBranchCount Get a count of DataBranch.
calculatorBranchies Gets all ofDataBranch.
calculatorBranchRerouteNodes DataBranchRerouteNode list
calculatorCount Get a count of CalculatorNode.
calculators Gets all ofCalculatorNode.
commentCount Get a count of CommentNode.
comments Gets all ofCommentNode.
currentDebugInfiniteLoopSettings Current infinite loop debug setting.
dataBranchCount Get a count of DataBranch.
dataBranchRerouteNodes DataBranchRerouteNode list
displayGraphName Display name of the node graph. If graphName is empty or null, it returns “(No Name)".
external Flag used as an external graph
graphName The Graph name.
It is used for identification and retrieval when there is more than one Graph in one GameObject.
groupCount Get a count of GroupNode.
isDeserialized Returns whether or not deserialization has been done.
isStarted Returns true if Start has been called.
nodeCount Get a count of Node.
ownerBehaviour NodeBehaviour is the owner of this graph
ownerBehaviourObject Object of NodeBehaviour own this graph
parameterContainer The ParameterContainer assigned in this graph
parentGraph Parent graph
playState Play state
rootGraph Root graph


Event Name Description
destroyCallback Call back when being destroyed
onAfterDeserialize Callback after deserialization
onChangedGraphName Callback called when the graph name changes
onChangedGraphTree Callback called when the graph tree changes
onPlayStateChanged Called when playState changes.
stateChangedCallback Call back when the state changes


Method Name Description
CheckLoopCalculatorBranch Check if DataBranch is looping.
CheckLoopDataBranch Check if DataBranch is looping.
ConnectCalculatorBranch Connect DataSlot.
ConnectDataBranch Connect DataSlot.
CreateCalculator Create calculator.
CreateCalculatorBranchRerouteNode Create DataBranchRerouteNode.
CreateComment Create comment.
CreateDataBranchRerouteNode Create DataBranchRerouteNode.
CreateGroup Create group.
DeleteCalculator Delete calculator.
DeleteCalculatorBranch Delete DataBranch.
DeleteCalculatorBranchRerouteNode Delete DataBranchRerouteNode.
DeleteComment Delete comment.
DeleteDataBranch Delete DataBranch.
DeleteDataBranchRerouteNode Delete DataBranchRerouteNode.
DeleteGroup Delete group.
DeleteNode Delete node.
DestroySubComponents Method to be used internally. In particular there is no need to call.
DisconnectDataBranch Method to be used internally. In particular there is no need to call.
ExecuteLateUpdate Perform an LateUpdate. Please call this method at any timing when UpdateSettings.type is Manual.
ExecuteUpdate Perform an update. Please call this method at any timing when UpdateSettings.type is Manual.
FindCalculator Acquisition of CalculatorNodes Calculator belongs.
FindNodeContainsBehaviour Acquisition of nodes NodeBehaviour belongs.
GetCalculatorBranchFromID GetsDataBranchfrom the calculator branch identifier.
GetCalculatorBranchFromIndex Get DataBranch from index.
GetCalculatorBranchIndex Get DataBranch index.
GetCalculatorFromID GetsCalculatorNodefrom the calculator identifier.
GetCalculatorFromIndex Get CalculatorNode from index.
GetCalculatorIndex Get CalculatorNode index.
GetCommentFromID GetsCommentNodefrom the comment identifier.
GetCommentFromIndex Get CommentNode from index.
GetCommentIndex Get CommentNode index.
GetDataBranchFromID GetsDataBranchfrom the calculator branch identifier.
GetDataBranchFromIndex Get DataBranch from index.
GetDataBranchIndex Get DataBranch index.
GetGroupFromID GetsGroupNodefrom the group identifier.
GetGroupFromIndex Get GroupNode from index.
GetNodeFromID GetsNodefrom the node identifier.
GetNodeFromIndex Get Node from index.
GetUniqueNodeID Get a unique node ID.
IsUniqueNodeID Check if it is a unique node ID.
OnDeleteNode Delete node.
OnFixedUpdate Called when FixedUpdate.
OnLateUpdate Called when LateUpdate.
OnPause Called when you pause.
OnPlay Called when you start playing.
OnPlayOnStart Called when playing is started with the Start method.
OnPoolResume Called when resuming.
OnPoolSleep Called when stored in the pool.
OnRegisterNodes Register nodes
OnReset Reset or create callback.
OnResume Called when resuming
OnResumeOnEnable Called when resumed with the OnEnable method.
OnStop Called when play is stopped.
OnUpdate Called when updating.
OnValidateNodes Called when the node is changed.
Pause Pause playback.
Play Start playing.
RefreshDataBranchies Update the connection status of Data Branch.
RegisterNode Register the node in the list
RemoveNode Remove the node from the list.
Resume Resume playing.
SetExternal Set this graph as an external graph.
StateChanged Notifies that the status of the graph has been updated.
Stop Stopping playback.
ToString Convert graph to string (for debugging).

Static Events

Event Name Description
onBreakNode Called when a node is stopped by a breakpoint.

Static Methods

Method Name Description
Create Create NodeGraph
Destroy Destroy NodeGraph
FindGraph Get the NodeGraph that in the scene with the name.
FindGraphs Get the NodeGraph of the same name that is in the scene.
Instantiate Instantiate NodeGraph


Type Name Description
NodeGraphCallback Delegate for NodeGraph callback