Class in Arbor / Inherits from: FlexibleComponentBase
Implements interfaces: IValueGetter<T>


Class to handle a flexible Component type reference method there is more than one(Generic).

Type Parameters

Type Parameter Name Description Type Constraints
T Specify Component Type


FlexibleComponent FlexibleComponent<T> default constructor


Field Name Description
_Parameter Parameter reference
_Slot Data input slot
_Value Constant value


Property Name Description
parameter It return a Paramter. It is null if Type is other than Parameter.
value It returns a value


Method Name Description
Disconnect Disconnect the data slot.
GetConstantObject Returns an Object of FlexibleSceneObjectType.Constant.
GetValueObject Return the value as object.
ToFlexibleComponent Convert to FlexibleComponent and return it.


Operator Name Description
FlexibleComponent&lt;T&gt; Cast T to FlexibleComponent<T>.
T Cast FlexibleComponent<T> to T.

Inherited Members


Field Name Description
_HierarchyType Reference type of Hierarchy specified when Type is FlexibleSceneObjectType.Hierarchy.
_Type Specified type of value


Property Name Description
fieldInfo Return the FieldInfo that owns this instance
hierarchyType In the case of FlexibleSceneObjectType.Hierarchy, return FlexibleHierarchyType representing which object to reference
ownerObject Return the object that owns this instance
targetGameObject Returns the GameObject to be referenced in case of FlexibleSceneObjectType.Hierarchy.
targetGraph Returns the NodeGraph to be referenced in case of FlexibleSceneObjectType.Hierarchy.
type It returns a type


Method Name Description
OnAssignedField Called when assigned to a field under NodeBehaviour.
SetHierarchyIfConstantNull Change to FlexibleSceneObjectType.Hierarchy if FlexibleSceneObjectType.Constant and the referencing object is null.