Class in Arbor.BehaviourTree / Inherits from: TreeNodeBehaviour


Class that defines the behavior of the action. Inherited and to use.


Available Attributes :


Property Name Description
actionNode Get the ActionNode.
schedulerUpdateOnExecute Whether to update the scheduler with OnExecute


Method Name Description
FinishExecute Finish Execute.
OnAwake This function is called when the own node becomes active for the first time.
OnExecute Called when executing.
WaitForExecute Wait for the call to Execute.

Inherited Members


Field Name Description
expanded Expanded on ArborEditorWindow.
schedulerDestroyTiming Timing to destroy the scheduler.
schedulerUpdateTiming Scheduler update timing


Property Name Description
behaviourTree Gets the behaviour tree.
calculatorSlotFieldCount Number of DataSlotField
CancellationTokenOnEnd Cancel token generated when exiting a node
dataSlotCount Number of DataSlot
dataSlotFieldCount Number of DataSlotField
node Get the Node.
nodeGraph Gets the NodeGraph.
nodeID Gets the node identifier.
scheduler Get scheduler.
schedulerProgress Get the progress of the scheduler
treeNode Get the TreeNodeBase.


Event Name Description
onValidate Callback called during OnValidate


Method Name Description
ContainsSlot Determine if the Data Slot is included.
GetCalculatorSlotField Get DataSlotField.
GetDataSlot Get DataSlot.
GetDataSlotField Get DataSlotField.
GetOrCreateScheduler Get the scheduler. If there is no scheduler, create one.
Initialize For Editor.
OnAbort This function is called when the own node is aborted.
OnCreated Raises the created event.
OnEnd This function is called when the own node ends.
OnFixedUpdate This function is called in FixedUpdate while the local node is active.
OnGraphPause This function is called when the graph is paused.
OnGraphResume This function is called when the graph resumes.
OnGraphStop This function is called when the graph stops.
OnInitializeEnabled Called to perform enabled initialization.
OnLateUpdate This function is called in LateUpdate while the local node is active.
OnPreDestroy Raises the pre destroy event.
OnRebuildFields It is called when reconstructing data about fields.
OnStart This function is called when the own node becomes active.
OnUpdate This function is called when updating every frame while the own node is active.
RebuildCalculatorSlotFields Rebuild the DataSlotField.
RebuildDataSlotFieldIfNecessary Check if DataSlot exists and rebuild if necessary.
RebuildDataSlotFields Rebuild the DataSlotField.
RebuildFields For internal.
UpdateDataLink Manually update DataLink values. Update the value of DataLink field ofDataLinkUpdateTiming.Manual.
Yield Gets an awaitable asynchronous task that waits until the next OnUpdate call.

Static Methods

Method Name Description
CreateNodeBehaviour For Editor.
Destroy Destroy NodeBehaviour.