Type Name Description
ConditionResult Result of condition judgment
DataLinkUpdateTiming DataLink update timing
ExecuteMethodFlags Flag to set the method to be executed
FlexibleHierarchyType Type referenced from Hierarchy
FlexiblePrimitiveType Reference types used in the Flexible class for primitive data
FlexibleSceneObjectType Reference type used in Flexible class for scene objects
FlexibleType Reference type used in Flexible class
ListInstanceType Specify how to modify the List instance.
LogicalOperation Logical operation
ParameterReferenceType Reference type used in ParameterReference class
PlayState Play state
RecalculateMode Mode when recalculating Calculator
SendTriggerFlags Trigger flag to send with SendTrigger.
SlotType Types of DataSlot
TimeType Time type
TransitionTiming Transition timing.
TypeFilterFlags Filter flag displayed in the type selection popup
UpdateType Update type.