Class in Arbor / Inherits from: object


A wrapper class for the MaterialPropertyBlock assigned to the Renderer.


Method Name Description
Apply Apply MaterialPropertyBlock to Renderer.
Clear Clear material property values.
GetColor Get the Color value.
GetFloat Get the float value.
GetMatrix Get the Matrix4x4 value.
GetTexture Get the Texture value.
GetTextureOffset Get TextureOffset value./
GetTextureScale Get TextureScale value./
GetVector Get the Vector4 value.
HasProperty Returns whether the PropertyBlock has a property value.
SetColor Set the Color value.
SetFloat Set the float value.
SetMatrix Set the Matrix4x4 value.
SetTexture Set the Texture value.
SetTextureOffset Set TextureOffset value.
SetTextureScale Set TextureScale value.
SetVector Set the Vector4 value.
Update Update MaterialPropertyBlock from Renderer.

Static Methods

Method Name Description
Get Get the RendererPropertyBlock assigned to the Renderer.