Class in Arbor / Inherits from: OutputSlotBase
Implements interfaces: IValueSetter, IOutputSlotAny


Output slot class outputting any type


Available Attributes :


OutputSlotAny OutputSlotAny default constructor


Property Name Description
dataType The type of data stored in the slot


Method Name Description
GetValue Returns the value.
GetValueString Converts a value to a string and returns it.
GetValueType Returns the type of the value.
SetValue Set the value

Inherited Members


Field Name Description
branchIDs List of the destination branch
nodeGraph NodeGraph slot belongs
position Position on ArborEditor of slot(Editor Only)


Property Name Description
branchCount Get count of DataBranch.
connectableType Connectable type
connectableTypeName Connectable type name
enabledGUI Whether the GUI for the slot is valid.
isUsed Gets whether or not a value is used.
isValidField For Editor
isVisible For Editor.
overrideConstraint override ClassConstraintInfo
slotField DataSlotField
slotType Slot type
updatedTime Time that does not depend on timeScale when value is updated.


Event Name Description
onConnectableTypeChanged Called when the connectable type changes.
onConnectionChanged Callback event when connection is changed


Method Name Description
AddBranch Addition of DataBranch.
AddOutputBranch Addition of DataBranch.
ClearBranch Clear the connection status. Since the DataBranch remains, call it when the connection status is no longer needed by copy and paste.
ClearVisible For Editor.
ConnectableTypeChanged Called when the connectable type is changed.
DirtyBranchCache Mark the Data Branch cache to change
Disconnect Disconnect the connection.
GetBranch Get DataBranch.
GetConstraint Return information on type constraints.
GetOutputBranch Get DataBranch.
GetOutputBranchCount Get count of DataBranch.
IsConnectable It is judged whether connection is possible.
IsConnected It judges whether it is connected with DataBranch.
IsConnectedOutput It judges whether it is connected with DataBranch.
OnAfterDeserialize Called from ISerializationCallbackReceiver.OnAfterDeserialize.
OnBeforeSerialize Called from ISerializationCallbackReceiver.OnBeforeSerialize.
RemoveBranch Remove DataBranch.
RemoveBranchAt Remove DataBranch.
RemoveOutputBranch Remove DataBranch.
SetVisible For Editor.
TryGetValue Try to get a value of the specified type.

Static Methods

Method Name Description
IsConnectable Determine if DataSlots can connect to each other.