Class in Arbor.TaskSystem / Inherits from: object
Implements interfaces: IProgress, System.IDisposable


The class to process. The processing to be performed is inherited and implemented.
Register in TaskScheduler and execute sequentially.


Unlike asynchronous tasks, it is a simple system that sequentially executes queued tasks.


Field Name Description
pooled Whether it is pooled


Property Name Description
progress Progress from 0f to 1f
scheduler Returns the registered Task Scheduler.
taskStatus Task status


Event Name Description
onComplete Called when completed


Method Name Description
Complete Complete the task.
Dispose Dispose of it.
Init Method called when initializing
OnComplete Method called when the task is completed
OnEnter Method called when execution starts
OnExit Method called when exiting a task
OnInterruptPause Method called when paused by interrupt
OnInterruptResume Method called when resuming from pause due to interrupt
OnPause Method called when paused
OnResume Method called when resuming from pause
OnUpdate Method called when updated
Pause Pause the task.
Resume Resume the task from pause.
Update Update the task.