Class in Arbor / Inherits from: ParameterReference


Parameter reference specifying type.


Available Attributes :


AnyParameterReference Create AnyParameterReference


Property Name Description
assetObjectListValue Value of AssetObjectList type.
assetObjectValue Value of AssetObject type.
boolListValue Value of BoolList type.
boolValue Value of Bool type.
boundsIntListValue Value of BoundsIntList type.
boundsIntValue Value of BoundsInt type.
boundsListValue Value of BoundsList type.
boundsValue Value of Bounds type.
colorListValue Value of ColorList type.
colorValue Value of Color type.
componentListValue Value of ComponentList type.
componentValue Value of Component type.
enumIntValue int Value of Enum type.
enumValue Value of Enum type.
floatListValue Value of FloatList type.
floatValue Value of Float type.
gameObjectListValue Value of GameObjectList type.
gameObjectValue Value of GameObject type.
intListValue Value of IntList type.
intValue Value of Int type.
longListValue Value of LongList type.
longValue Value of Long type.
parameterType Parameter Type
quaternionListValue Value of QuaternionList type.
quaternionValue Value of Quaternion type.
rectIntListValue Value of RectIntList type.
rectIntValue Value of RectInt type.
rectListValue Value of RectList type.
rectTransformValue Value of RectTransform type.
rectValue Value of Rect type.
rigidbody2DValue Value of Rigidbody2D type.
rigidbodyValue Value of Rigidbody type.
stringListValue Value of StringList type.
stringValue Value of String type.
transformValue Value of Transform type.
value Get values according to type.
variableListValue Value of VariableList type.
variableValue Value of Variable type.
vector2IntListValue Value of Vector2IntList type.
vector2IntValue Value of Vector2Int type.
vector2ListValue Value of Vector2List type.
vector2Value Value of Vector2 type.
vector3IntListValue Value of Vector3IntList type.
vector3IntValue Value of Vector3Int type.
vector3ListValue Value of Vector3List type.
vector3Value Value of Vector3 type.
vector4ListValue Value of Vector4List type.
vector4Value Value of Vector4 type.


Method Name Description
GetAssetObject Get the value of the AssetObject type.
GetAssetObjectList Get the value of the AssetObjectList type.
GetComponent Get the value of the Component type.
GetComponentList Get the value of the ComponentList type.
GetEnum Get the value of the Enum type.
GetEnumList Get the value of the Enum type.
GetValue Get the value.
GetVariable Get Variable value
GetVariableList Get VariableList value
SetAssetObject Set AssetObject value
SetAssetObjectList It wants to set the value of the AssetObjectList type.
SetComponent Set Component value
SetComponentList It wants to set the value of the ComponentList type.
SetEnum Set Enum value
SetEnumList Set EnumList value
SetValue Set the value.
SetVariable Set Variable value
SetVariableList Set VariableList value
TryGetValue Get the value.

Inherited Members


Field Name Description
id ID.
name Paramenter name.


Property Name Description
constantContainer Container specifying a constant
container Is stored to that container.
overrideConstraint override ClassConstraintInfo
parameter Get the parameters. null if it does not exist.
referenceType Returns theTypeto be referenced.
type Reference type of ParameterContainer


Method Name Description
Disconnect Disconnect the data slot.
GetConstraint Return information on type constraints.
GetConstraintAttributes Gets the attribute that constrains the type of parameter.