Class in Arbor.BehaviourTree / Inherits from: TreeBehaviourNode


The node that executes the action


Method Name Description
CreateActionBehaviour Create a ActionBehaviour. Use it in the editor.

Inherited Members


Field Name Description
nodeComment Comment
position Position on the Arbor Editor.
showComment Whether to display comments


Property Name Description
behaviour Main behaviour
behaviourTree Gets the behaviour tree.
breakPoint Break point.When this property is true, the editor will be paused when the node becomes active.
decoratorList Decorator list
enablePriority Returns true if it is traced from the root node and connected.
isActive Returns true if it is active.
name Node name.
nodeGraph Gets the NodeGraph.
nodeID Gets the node identifier.
parentNode Get parent node.
priority The priority of the node.
serviceList Service list
status The state of the node.


Event Name Description
onChangedPriority Called when priority changes.


Method Name Description
AddDecorator Adds the Decorator.
AddService Adds the Service.
DestroyAllBehaviour Destroy all behaviour.
DestroyBehaviour Destroy behaviour.
GetBehaviourObject Get Main Behaviour Object.
GetName Get node name.
GetOldName Get the node name before Arbor 3.9.0.
HasChildLinkSlot Whether this node has a NodeLinkSlot to child.
HasParentLinkSlot Whether this node has a NodeLinkSlot to parent.
InsertDecorator Insert the Decorator.
InsertService Insert the Service.
IsContainsBehaviour Check if it contains NodeBehaviour.
IsDeletable Returns whether or not it can be deleted.
MoveDecorator Move the order of Decorator.
MoveService Move the order of Service.
OnAfterDeserialize Called from ISerializationCallbackReceiver.OnAfterDeserialize.
OnBeforeSerialize Called from ISerializationCallbackReceiver.OnBeforeSerialize.
OnGraphChanged Called when the NodeGraph to which the Node belongs has changed.
SetBehaviour Set Main Behaviour.
ToString Convert node to string (for debugging).

Static Fields

Field Name Description
defaultWidth Default width of node