Class in Arbor / Inherits from: object


Class that connects DataSlot.


Field Name Description
branchID ID of branch.
enabled Whether to draw. For the editor.
inBehaviour Input side Behaviour
inNodeID Input side nodeID
lineBezier Bezier curve of the line to be connected. For editor
outBehaviour Output side Behaviour
outNodeID Output side nodeID
showDataValue Gets whether or not a value is visible.


Property Name Description
currentValue Get the current value.
inputSlot Get the input slot.
inputSlotField Get the FieldInfo of the input slot.
inputSlotFieldInfo Get the FieldInfo of the input slot.
inputType Input type.
isUsed Gets whether or not a value is used.
isValidInputSlot Returns whether the input slot is valid.
isValidOutputSlot Returns whether the output slot is valid.
isVisible Gets whether or not a value is visible.
outputSlot Get the output slot.
outputSlotField Get DataSlotField of output slot.
outputSlotFieldInfo Get the FieldInfo of the output slot.
outputType Output type.
updatedTime Time that does not depend on timeScale when value is updated.
value get set the value.When connecting to the output slot of Calculator, update it as necessary and obtain it.
valueSlot The slot where the value is stored.


Method Name Description
SetBehaviour Change Behavior.
SetDirtySlotField Mark slot field as dirty