Arbor Documentation

Let's use “Arbor 3: FSM & BT Graph Editor” (hereinafter referred to as “Arbor”) to visually create state transition diagrams such as game progress and AI.

Arbor can be purchased from the Unity Asset Store.

Arbor Documentation provides support to learn how to use Arbor.
You can read the manual as a whole, or you can use it only as a reference as a reference.

If you are using Arbor for the first time, please read Manual : Getting Started.

About document

The Unity used for the document is as follows.

| Items | Contents | | Unity version | 2019.4 (Minimum version supported by Arbor) | | Theme | Light | | Language | English | | Render pipelines | Built-in |

Please note that the appearance may differ depending on the version and settings of Unity.


  • Manual
    You can learn about the main usage of Arbor.
  • Inspector Reference
    It is a reference about components that can be used in Arbor.
  • Script Reference
    It is a reference for a script that can be used in the Arbor.

Further sources of information

  • Tutorial
    You can learn how to use Arbor in practical form.
  • Arbor Forum
    Ask questions about how to use or post feature requests.